3Peaks Public House

We met friends for berry picking yesterday and afterward, someone suggested going to lunch at a place that is really “kid friendly.”  I was skeptical.  We had six kids between us ages 1-4.  The odds were high there wasn’t a restaurant around that could contain the energy of six kids.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  3Peaks Public House is the answer to your kid friendly dreams.  Located in Ridgefield, this ale house is next door to Pacific Northwest Best Fish Co.  You can order food from Pacific Northwest Best Fish Co. and they will deliver it to you at 3Peaks.  By the way, the chicken strip basket can solidly feed two kids.

We sat outside, which is really where the “kid friendly” part comes in.  The area is large and completely fenced in.  There are chairs and picnic tables.  There is a wooden play house that I think technically is an old west type “jail.”  There are bails of hay for the kids to jump on/off.  All this to say:  you can eat and drink in peace while your kids run free without worry.    Check it out.  You’re welcome.

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